Blackout Poetry

The Process

I use thrifted books for my blackout projects. After marking what catches my eye on the page, I look for a connected message from those words. Blackout out the page can change the visual placement of words and allows further creativity and ma change my poem entirely. My blackout process requires intense focus and demands I stretch my creativity into perspectives I may not always consider at first.

We Cannot be Torn

"we are fearful. but we cannot be torn in pieces if we love integrity. be awake now, you need these things more than ever"

Blackout Poem, Acrylic, Torn Canvas on Canvas
Currently on display with Terre Haute Pride Center
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Blackout Poetry Book, "Say Hello"

"love will flourish. it must nourish our hearts"
blackout poem, mixed media

"experiences in your life may change you"

Blackout Poem, excerpt page from "Am I" book

"truth puts things in perspective. love can give you the courage"

Blackout Poem

At Home

"at home that we feel safe. at home, we take our rest. at, also, we let our hearts loose"

Blackout Poem, Watercolor on Canvas Paper

"stay. you are enough"

Blackout Poem, Acrylic on Canvas

Remember Love

"remember, we are not above the shafts of adversity. we are the frail tenure upon which we hold. but we should love"

Blackout Poem, Watercolor on Paper

Spring Within

"after periods of depression, rise from bed. revive the spring within"

Blackout Poem, Acrylic on Canvas
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"hadn't lost sight of you. spend all day staring out to sea"
Blackout Poem, Acrylic on Canvas

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