Department of Geography and Environmental studies

The team of the University of Haifa is working on a project entitled “An integrated modelling framework for irrigation scheduling: the benefit of spectroscopy and weather forecasts” funded by Israeli Water Authority on a total budget of 90,000 € for 3 years. This fundamental project is ongoing progress. Its preliminary results on model optimization using field spectroscopy, after completing the first year of activity were presented on EGU2016 conference in Vienna, Austria.

Additional project is VEGHEALTH - Remote Estimating Vegetation Health, FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IIF, Marie Curie Actions - International Incoming Fellowships, 256,148 € for 2 years. Overall goal of the project is to develop scientific base for remote sensing “Vegetation Pigment Product" that will accurately estimate pigment content and composition in vegetation and will be easy to implement.

The high-level of expertise of the SIC-RMA Belgium in fusion signal and image processing, integrated systems and of robotic perception systems were partly obtained by participating and leading several FP7 projects as DOTNAC (leader), ASTRO+, SMART (leader), GMOSS, ViewFinder (on the detection and identification of dangerous chemicals using sensors on-board of mobile platforms), European Defense Agency projects (as SUM, NM-RS and DUCAS), Security in space and space sensing and system capabilities for the European Space Agency (as THIS, TOSCA, SSA, E-SAIL). Specifically knowledge obtained by coordinating the two FP7-IP projects TIRAMISU (EU funding: 15M€) and ICARUS (EU Funding: 17.5M€) in which SIC-RMA was active in the development of perception and control algorithms for the unmanned platforms and imaging spectroscopy (as one of the tested sensing capabilities) will be directly integrated to the LCIS web-DSS project.

Ass. Prof. Anna Brook is the scientific manager for Israeli part of project