Italy: Acerra (NA), maize

Characterization of field experiment and installation of monitoring station

Pedological survey supported by geophysical survey.

Localization of soil profiles and auger

Undisturbed soil sample

TDR probes

Three soils type (Andosols)

Maize sowing...

Tensiometer and weather monitoring station

Three irrigation support tools present in LCIS DSS were applied: W-Tens, IRRISAT and W-Mod on differenent long plots in the experimental field

Maize at 12 of June
The figure shows two example of identification of crop sampling areas (red) in according to the NDVi spatial information obtained by drone multispectral images at 05/06/2018 (a) and 05/07/2018 (b) in each long plot of field experiment (P1 - W-Tens; P2 - IRRISAT; P3 – W-Mod).
Daily max and min air temperatures °C (Tmax and Tmin), rainfall (mm) and cumulated potential evapotranspiration (ET0cum; cm) during the maize growing season in the year 2018 in “Acerra” experimental site
Trend of soil water pressure head measured (-h, cm) by the tensiometers at three depths: -35, -55 and -80 cm during two irrigation events (DOY 155
Beta version of DSS interface with tensiometers trends during the field experiment