LCIS Project


The sustainable management of water resources is one of most important topics to face the future climate change and food security. Many Mediterranean countries facing a serious water crisis, including water shortages, flooding, and water pollution, due to both natural and artificial causes. So there is the need to develop systems able to help the farmers to save water in the perspective of climate change that take into account of soil spatial variability at farm scale.

In the near future a reduction of land available for agricolture is expected.

As well as an increase of population and food request, under climate change condition.

The United Nations with the SDG 2 tell us that we have to achieve double the agricultural productivity by 2030 with a sustainable agriculture. In a context in wich the Climate Change driving the crop adaptation and production.


The objective of the project is to develop an integrated web-based platform running a decision support system (DSS) that is updated consciously by the real data from the field (feedback) collected by a low-cost remote sensing system and physical filed data, into irrigation and nutrient scheduling through short-term optimization. The final product will be a web-based near-real-time DSS for irrigation using low-cost imaging spectroscopy for estimating the status of the agriculture system, combined with agro-hydrological field measurements and monitoring a soil water balance and probabilistic short-term weather forecasts. The DSS will be strictly oriented to support decisions of end-users (farmer or stakeholder), on handling water, nutrients or simultaneous crop/soil stresses.

The system will be able to work at different spatial scale and spatial information detail.

The LCIS-DSS will be able to reply to several user requests as..

  • When and how much irrigate?
  • What will be the effects of irrigation on the yield (forecast...)?
  • What are the trends of weather variables in my fields?
  • How optimize the water use efficiency to avoid the risk to finish the seasonal water before the end of cropping season?

An Integrated method, able to combine several approaches to irrigation support will be implemented in the LCIS-DSS.

With a user friendly web interface...

A brief presentation of project ...

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