The LCIS (AN ADVANCED LOW COST SYSTEM FOR FARM IRRIGATION SUPPORT) project is a joint Italian-Israeli R&D projects in the area of “agriculture and food science". "Fifteenth Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects – 2017, industrial track". funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation General Directorate for Country Promotion - Italian Republic and Ministry of Science Technology and Space of the State of Israel.

The LCIS web-DSS novel framework intends the integration of top tier knowledge of all scientific sectors related to agriculture systems performance in a unique and fully transferable system able to work at different spatial scales specific spots on field, farm, district, under different pedo-climatic conditions, with different crops management under different water/nutrient resources availability. To the best of our knowledge, a DSS able to face the crop multicombined abiotic stresses management at different spatial scales considering the short-term weather forecasting is a modelling challenge that has not yet been attempted.

The aims of LCIS project are the following:

1. Developing real-time Decision Support System (DSS) for optimal irrigation scheduling at farm scale for crop yield improvement, reducing irrigation cost, and water saving.

2. Developing a low-cost imaging spectroscopy framework to support the irrigation scheduling DSS above and facilitates its use in countries/places where expensive imaging spectroscopy is not available.

3. Examining the developed framework in real-life application, the framework will be calibrated evaluated using high resolution devices and tested using a low-cost system in Israel and Italy farms.

A brief presentation of project...

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