What is Functional Medicine Nutrition?

Functional medicine nutrition is based on the principles of functional medicine, which considers the bio-individuality of each person with a "one size does not fit all" approach to health and wellness. It's necessary to examine all aspects of diet and lifestyle, as well as the various body systems. By considering the systems and their interactions, we can find the root causes of conditions to allow treatment of the whole person rather than symptoms alone.

My practice specializes in both sports nutrition (for recreational fitness lovers and competitive athletes) and women's hormones to help navigate changes during peri/postmenopaus, PCOS, PMDD, and PMS. However, I also have extensive experience working with patients with autoimmunity, cardiovascular risk factors, blood sugar dysregulation, arthritis, and more.

My Vision

The field of biochemistry allows us to understand how the foods we consume affect us at the molecular level. Our diet can play a major role in the pathophysiology of disease, and it certainly impacts how we feel every moment of every day. I want people to be able to make educated decisions about the foods they should, or should not, eat based on their specific level of health and lifestyle. I would like to empower others with the understanding of how the foods we choose can impact our overall health. This information can help shape our decisions and build a lifestyle, rather than a temporary diet. We don't need to battle with the scale every year and many people can reduce or modify the necessity of prescribed medications depending on their specific condition. We can find a diet that works for us to contribute to optimal health and well-being.