Training program

This website is designed to provide background knowledge to students enrolled in the Little Experimentalists Program and the LABEL Internship Program as trainees.

The section ''LABEL Courses'' provides links to course material designed for students to learn about the kind of research LABEL does. As we are a very interdisciplinary laboratory, we present a broad range of topics. You can use this information to explore material in mathematics, applied mathematics, biology, coding, neuroscience and economics. These crash courses are designed to provide knowledge and tools to complete specific projects as trainees.

The section ''LABEL projects'' provides summaries of current research progress based on the contribution of the trainees. All trainees complete specific tasks. These tasks contribute to the research we conduct at LABEL or to the knowldge we disseminate among students and the community. All tasks are meant to teach you something about current research questions and trends in the scientific community.

Check out our LABEL High School Journal that publishes articles from our trainees based on their work at LABEL.

For a list of our current and past trainees, check here, and to learn more about their experience at LABEL, check here!