Technical Assistance

We work with the USDA-NRCS to provide technical advice on a variety of natural resource issues for Fayette County landowners, including soil, water, air, plants and animals.


We can ensure that you have an appropriate Agriculture Water Quality Plan, which is required for landowners that use ten or more acres for agriculture or silviculture. For more information click here or visit the site below to create your own Agriculture Water Quality Plan.

University of Kentucky Biosystems & Ag Engineering Water Quality Plan

If you have pond questions regarding fish, wildlife, or aquatic vegetation issues, you will need to contact the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife at (800) 858-1549 or visit their website below.

Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife


You can obtain soil testing through Fayette County Cooperative Extension.

We are partnering with extension to administer a Soil Sample Voucher Program. Check out the helpful links below!

Taking Soil Test Samples AGR-16

Submitting Soil Samples

Web Soil Survey

Honeysuckle Eradication

Pond & Reservoir Construction

Honeysuckle Eradication.pdf
Pond-Reservoir Info.pdf