Food Security: High Tunnel Initiative 

High Tunnel Initiative through EQIP

Is your backyard or on-farm garden ready for year-round production? 70%-90% of the cost of installing a high tunnel may be reimbursed through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

75 high tunnels and supporting practices can be funded through EQIP as part of a five-year effort earmarked for Fayette County to address food insecurity, mitigate biodiversity impacts of urbanization, and reduce emissions by providing the means to source food locally.

Some things to consider about participation:

"My family was awarded the Backyard Conservation grant, and that led to awareness about the USDA urban farming program and our family decided to apply for an official farm number. The process was very simple and all that was needed was the PVA map of our property and the deed to our home. I submitted this paperwork to USDA and filled out a few forms and I had the farm number that same day. The folks at USDA in Fayette County are wonderful and are very efficient. Our family is very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to increasing our gardening capacity."

-L. Lucas, Idle Hour Neighborhood