About Us


Our mission is to eliminate, prevent, and control soil erosion and water pollution; to maintain and improve the quality of our environment by conservation planning and implementing best management practices; and to encourage all land users to become cooperators in developing Kentucky Agricultural Water Quality Plans.


On August 5th, 1946 the Fayette County Soil and Water Conservation District was named a subdivision of Kentucky State Government with the purpose of promoting conservation and responsible management of natural resources. Our tasks include assisting with cost and educating about conservation practices. We partner with local, state, and federal government to sponsor and participate in activities that further our goal of an environmentally sustainable Fayette County.

Board of Supervisors

John James

Chair (term 2022-2026)

John James has a history steeped in Kentucky agriculture as a sixth-generation operator of Walnut Lawn Farm. When not helping to manage their tobacco, corn, wheat, and rye crops, James might be found in the classroom, or supporting his wife’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) venture, Teal Tractor.

Allen Carter

Vice Chair (term 2022-2026)

Allen Carter owns and operates Lexington’s Silver Springs Farm Eqwine & Vineyard. Carter’s selective-bred, 3-year old colt, Sellwood, recently competed in a Grade 1 race in Santa Anita! He is excited to open his winery in 2020 and will also reopen the 125-years dormant Silver Springs Distillery, established in 1867! Carter fondly recalls his UK Football Days (1982-1986) and enjoys his “world famous” sweet potato yeast rolls.

Barbara "BJ" Bentley

Secretary (term 2022-2026)

Barbara “BJ” Bentley joins the Board with over 40-years of Kentucky-living, and a breadth of knowledge in varying areas. She has professional experience as an RN and a real estate broker – with focus on architectural preservation and land stewardship-- and spends much of her time now on her Thoroughbred farm. BJ has studied environmental science out of an interest sparked while in nursing school. Recently on her farm BJ established pollinator habitat, mitigated heavy use in pasture areas, and removed invasive honeysuckle, all in collaboration with the Conservation District.

Christopher Rowe

Treasurer (term 2022-2026)

Acclaimed science fiction and fantasy author, avid bicyclist, cook, and pet-lover – Rowe wears many hats. He’s one of two artists-in-residence at his century-old Lexington home, along with his wife, author Gwenda Bond. Rowe instructs English part time at Bluegrass Community & Technical College, holds an MFA from the Bluegrass Writers Studio, and is the descendant of many generations of Kentucky farmers.

Angie Quigley

Member (term 2020-2024)

Quigley earned a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Kentucky and puts it to good use operating her organic farm, For Pete’s Sake. She’s an animal lover dedicated to reducing toxins in agriculture, and promoting health and wellness. Ask her about the usefulness of her many essential oil products!

Matt Miniard

Member (term 2018-2022)

Miniard is a Lexington Real Estate Appraiser, broker, builder, and developer. He is also an LFUCG Environmental Award winning infield developer, an advocate for “smart growth,” and opposes the purchase of development rights. He has a humanitarian goal of “social equality” and brings a unique element to the Fayette County Soil & Water Conservation Board.

Brett Barton

Member (term 2020-2022)

Born and raised in Lexington, Barton contributes to the success of one of the largest non-equine farms in Fayette County, Barton Brothers Farm. The 2,000-acre farm extends into Scott County with its diverse crops, storage availability, and cattle production. Newly appointed, Barton brings a fresh outlook to the Board’s operations.

District Staff

Heather Silvanik

Director of Operations

Heather Silvanik is an Ohio native who obtained a Masters of Fine Arts from Eastern Kentucky University. She is a published writer who has worked as an accountant, magazine editor, and coached three academic environmental problem-solving teams to two state championships. Heather currently manages the Fayette County Soil & Water Conservation District where she administers financial support to Lexington residents and businesses to promote conservation practices.

Kimberly Monahan

Assistant Director of Operations

Kimberly is a Maryland native who studied Environmental Science at the University of Maryland (UMD). She served as Assistant Director of Academic Programs at UMD where she academically advised students in Soil Science, Ecological Design, Environmental Health, and Natural Resources curricula, for over 15 years.

Technical Staff

Megan Baker

Megan works with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Paris, KY, and is temporarily helping to meet the technical conservation needs of Fayette County residents.


Budget and Finance