Cover Crop Reimbursement Program

2020 Application Period: October 15- December 15


This program is an opportunity to be reimbursed for cover crop expenses up to $12 per acre for as many as 100 acres. It is intended as an incentive for planting cover crop containing wheat, barley, oat and/or rye.


  • One application per household and farm serial number

  • Cover crops for corn, soybean and/or tobacco are eligible not to exceed 100 acres. Other cover crops will be considered on a case by case basis

  • Must be seeded at the recommended seeding rate of the University of Kentucky Publication ID-113

  • Cover crop should be planted before December 1

  • Deadline to submit application is December 15


  • Completed FSA 578 cover crop report required with application

  • Applicant must have an updated AG Water Quality plan on file

  • Receipts or invoices paid in full required to be submitted with application

  • Cover crop may be wheat or cereal rye and can be harvested for grain, grazed, or harvested for forage

*Reimbursements are granted on a first come, first served basis and until funds are depleted.

Cover Crop Application-fillable.pdf

UK ID-113 Seeding Rates