Backyard Conservation Program


This program offers a 50/50 reimbursement of up to $200.00 for establishing, enhancing, restoring and/or maintaining a backyard conservation project.

Applications will be available in March 2020.

Anyone living in Fayette County is eligible to apply. Submit receipts and invoices within 60 days after approval for items such as hand tools for planting, seedlings, raised bed materials, and more!

Electric or gas-powered motorized equipment, such as lawnmowers, are not eligible.

Backyard Ideas:

Rain Barrels are an effective way to manage stormwater runoff and reduce the amount of pollutants in waterways. This can reduce the demand on municipal water supplies by using stored water to supply gardens and lawns.

Compost Bins can be used to decrease the amount of yard trimmings and food waste going to landfills. Compost is a soil conditioner made of decomposed organic material that improves the physical condition and fertility of soil. Using compost can improve aeration, root penetration, and water infiltration.

Pollinator Gardens support pollinators by supplying pollen and nectar to attract them to a specific area. Regardless of their size, pollinator gardens impact our crops and assist with fruit and vegetable production.

Beehives and Bat Houses are other ways to promote and maintain pollinators in your backyard.

Raised Bed Gardens are great for growing small plots of vegetables or flowers. They prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage, and serve as a barrier to pests and pathway weeds.

Rain Gardens can remove standing water in your yard, reduce mosquito breeding, filter runoff pollution, and conserve water. They also create an environment that supports an increase of beneficial insects that can eliminate pest insects.

Other projects may be approved on a case by case basis.


You can submit your completed application in person or by mailing or emailing to our office.


Address: 141 Leestown Center Way Suite 210 Lexington, KY 40511

Phone: 859-233-0194 Ext. 3