Text and Multimedia Links: Building your K-12 Educational TTRPG Schema

When you want evidence of the learning impact of playing a TTRPG or being a Game/Dungeon Master, nothing could be stronger than hearing it from actual students.  In this May 7, 2024 podcast episode of Teachers in the Dungeon, listen as three Illinois high school students share their stories.  (22:54)


A teaser trailer for the TTRPG adventure module "The Lost Universe" created by NASA(!).   Read more in the Teaching Resources below.  (1:30) 

Chad Collins (Gifted and Talented Teacher, Spencer County Middle School in Kentucky) explains how he has gamified his Academic Team elective class with a TTRPG theme.  As they complete "Main Quests" (must do's), "Side Quests" (should do's) and "Feats of Strength" (may do's), students earn XP as a way of measuring progress toward their academic goals.  Learn more about Chad in the Educator Stories below!    (19:17) 

Don't let the holiday decor or the title dissuade you: this November 28, 2023 Teachers in the Dungeon podcast episode (uploaded as a YouTube video) will be helpful for finding educational TTRPG items any time of the year, and could be impactful inside a classroom as much as for an extracurricular club!  Special guest appearance by Adam Watson. (53:52) 

"Reacting to the Past" is a series of role playing games focused around moments in history, first created and ran at Barnard College in New York.  Students are given roles, learn their parts, and do critical readings in preparation  to play the multi-day modules in class.    In this video, instructors explain the power of these RPGs and college students are shown playing them.  (5:23)

If you're asking yourself "Why You Should Start a D&D After School Club," watch this September 2022 video produced by Dungeons & Dragons (and read Justin Gadd's story!). (2:54)

In this October 11, 2022 webinar facilitated by the International Literacy Association, the participants discuss "Using Dungeons & Dragons to Scaffold Writing Instruction" (58:12).  

In this August 18, 2022 webinar facilitated by the International Literacy Association, the participants discuss "Leveling Up Reluctant Readers With Dungeons & Dragons" (59:31).  Elementary teacher Emilie Rayner uses D & D to increase reading with her young students, and Kade C. Wells's dramatic NWEA MAP scores are evidence of success for his choice of leading an "adventure-based style" classroom.

In this July 16, 2022 webinar facilitated by the International Literacy Association, the participants discuss "Building Emotional Literacy Through Dungeons & Dragons" (59:47).

In this TEDx Talk from May 21, 2016, prize-winning poet Ethan Gilsdorf explains "Why Dungeons & Dragons is Good for You (In Real Life)" (22:35).

Educator Stories (Lesson Plans and Instructional Materials)

Educators from Kentuckiana districts (Kentucky and parts of southern Indiana):

Educators from outside of Kentucky:

Teaching Resources

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