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KWEA at 2023 ANROEV conference

  (MAY 9, 2023)


COVID-19’s impact on overwork and karoshi in South Korea


Karoshi of delivery workers due to COVID-19 in Korea

COVID-19’s impact on overwork and karoshi in Taiwan.pdf

COVID-19’s impact on overwork and karoshi in Taiwan

karoshi in Japan.pdf

Karoshi in Japan

Work, work, work, die.pdf

Work, work, work, die: app-based driver overwork


KWEA at Fall conference of KSOEM 

  (NOV 14, 2020)

Annual Working Hours around the world

In East Asian countries where long working hours are much more pervasive than in western countries; long working hours, heavy workloads and work stress have caused more and more health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, mental disorders and suicides and gained growing concerns in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. 

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Karoshi Watch in Asia (KWA) is a non-profit platform for sharing information of the Karoshi /overwork. The KWA precursor Karoshi Watch in East Asia (KWEA)was established in 2020 by a coalition of NGOs, including Korea Institute of Labor Safety and Health (KILSH) from South Korea, Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Link (Taiwan OSH Link) from Taiwan and POSSE from Japan, and Sedane Labour Resource Centre (LIPS) from Indonesia joined in 2023.