Uniforms and Dress --

Generally each individual should wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. Clothing should be chosen bearing in mind abuse and damage as well as meeting the days conditions (cold, rain, sun,...). Long hair should be tied up and jewelry should be removed except for small rings. Hats may be worn unless it would interfere with an activity. Specialized clothing may be required for some activities.

Risk of Injury (Can I Get Hurt) --

All martial arts have an element of risk. Most activities are done to limit injury and may have modifications for an individual. All individuals should declare their injuries and know their own limitations in attempting an activity. If you are unsure of your ability to participate, you should have a medical evaluation and clearance made prior to attempting any participation and/or activity.

Can I Participate if I am from Another Art --

There is no limitation in regard to other arts. Generally, it just takes time to get everyone to work together and to get used to information presented in a number of ways. It is only asked that individuals are willing to be open to new and diverse information. It is common to teach a wide breadth of information to meet the modern requirements and standards of study. If you are studying more than one art, it is traditional to ask your primary instructor for permission to study.