A Return to Old School --

The goal of this particular school/club is to return to an old school “social club” format (low overhead, good people, high quality instruction) so that we don’t have to keep watering down the arts to sustain a steady flow of revenue.

To Build a Learning Centered Group --

The goal is to build a group who are willing to meet for the love of the arts and to bring back the endearing quality that they used to have. So in yes or no terms, yes this is an old school club format-backyards, driveways, parks,...

We have run schools and have done the whole retail deal in the past. This is an advertised grassroots social group that brings together great people in a non-retail way. This may not be for everyone and that is okay. If cost is a factor and if you are looking for a quality and diverse study then we may be for you.

Coordinator of Instruction --

Instruction is coordinated by Dr Michael Heintz-a martial art instructor for over the past 22 years with a diversity of experience in Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and American martial art lineages.

Who is Invited –

Any and all individuals who are self-motivated, capable of having fun and open to learning a diversity of skill sets. No experience is required nor are there restrictions on those with experience. If you are experienced, you will mostly likely be asked to assist and/or to instruct. Currently the group is limited to adults-ages 15+. We do offer children's programs from time to time as special events. There is no age maximum as all activities can be modified for the safety and ability of an individual.

Format of Instruction –

Indoor and outdoor instruction eventually to be made across rotating WNY locations. The learning activities will be quite variable and will include seasonal elements-so yes, there will come a day in which instruction will be in the rain, snow, mud or on the beach.

What is Required of Those in the Membership --

You are required to remain in good public standing, acquire materials as necessary for participation (weapons, gear, etc), to refrain from stupid activity that would cause injury to yourself or others and to demonstrate general levels of politeness and social etiquette.

Rank and Curriculum

Petitions for rank may be made with instructors. Rank and curriculum requirements are a developed contract between an instructor and a student.

Fees and Costs --

There are no fixed dues or fees. Membership appreciation is suggested at about $5-10 per class or $40 per month-any amount however is greatly appreciated to cover the instructors' time and costs. Collections may be made for guest instructors to cover travel costs and instruction when appropriate.