Kosho Shorei Ryu of WNY

"A Tradition of Martial Art Excellence"

Mission Statement --

To bring together teachers and students in the preservation and development of the martial arts.

What We Teach --

A full spectrum of empty hand (open and closed hand) and weapon arts (knife, baston, long staff, short staff, spear, cane, fan, soft weapons, sword,...) including but not limited to Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and American lineages.

Who We are Seeking to Reach --

    • Individuals looking to learn and/or to share information in regard to the martial studies.
    • Individuals with no experience who are looking to build an interest and hobby of the arts.
    • Individuals with previous experience looking to expand on what they have learned or just to connect and share in a community of the arts.

Contact Us - ksrwny@outlook.com