Welcome to Krownlandia, a virtual town imagined by the minds of KROWN DAC and Token commmunity members. Our current goal is to enable townpeople to be able to meet their basic needs through token rewards through game play. Consider if you would like to add a place to Krownlandia and offer townspeople products, services and experiences. Soon, find Krownlandia in uplift.world as the town takes on visual attributes and a place for us to enjoy our days. while getting and giving rewards.

What is a Place in Krownlandia?

Think of a place in the "real world." It's a space that encourages an activity or experiences that may offer products or services or just a place to be. Where do you like to be? Where would others like to be? Imagine a place and add it to the list. Others will help you build it so Krownlandia Townspeople and visitors can enjoy it.

Krownlandia is Sponsoring Place Managers in Telegram and uplift.world!


Krownlandia designers and builders are getting ready to assist place managers in adding your place to Krownlandia in uplift.world. Do you want your place to be one of the first in Krownlandia's Town shops district of Krownlandia in uplift.world? If so, post in the Telegram group @krownlandia and as soon as we're ready, we will get together to design and build your place. Don't have Minecraft? Don't worry. Others will help.

Start in a shop in the town, use it as a workshop and space for people to visit. Experiment and learn as Townspeople and visitors visit. Krownlandia will help you become a rewards-based experience for Townspeople and visitors. Manage your shop and/or expand your place to other areas of uplift.world and elsewhere, creating joy wherever you build.

Managing a place in Krownlandia? You'll also get a free home!

What would you want in an ideal town?

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Welcome to Krownlandia, an imaginary and virtual town where we experiment with community design and engagement. Read what people have submitted to the imaginary town and learn more about Krownlandia.

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