What Would You Like in an Ideal Town?

Krownlandia: A playground for community design experiments

About Krownlandia

Krownlandia is an imaginary town located primarily at www.Krownlandia.com and https://t.me/Krownlandia and created by members of the KROWN DAC and Token group on Telegram.

We began suggesting what we would like in an ideal town. The list continues to grow as people sugget places: buildings, homes, elements, events, activities and Townspeople.

In some cases, people have "opened" their place in Krownlandia to others. Some places are open and active in Telegram, such as https://t.me/lisascoffeeshop and https://t.me/KROWNCinema. As others launch, they are linked from the official list document (below).

Next, Krownlandia will be building in uplift.world so we have a browser-based and in-Minecraft game. You are encouraged to participate. Check the live map linked from the image below and scroll down to view what is currently being built throughout the Uplift. More information will be shared soon about Krownlandia lands and builds.

Community design experiments are encouraged. What happens if you are rewarded with KROWN cryptocurrency instead of charging you when you order virtual coffee? What if your movies are free? What if you earn for posting content for the enjoyment of the community? Can we generate enough rewards for people and their families to have enough to live?

Want to Add a Place? Post a Message with the name and your Telegram address in Telegram @Krownlandia, Add a Comment to the Official List Document, or Email Krownlandia@gmail.com

“More than winning, it is important that they know that we have a charming idea here and that it really explains what a DAC is.” - @laloreto

Krownlandia History

Name of Town: Krownlandia #TOWNBUILDING

Named by @gorayii | Designer @lisachandler

Town started 1/22/20 9:45 am PT (Architects Day)

Town started in https://t.me/KrownToken

(after the initial text file)

Krownlandia's First Map and Logo >

Krownlandia's Town Opening in 2022 >