What Would You Like in an Ideal Town?

Krownlandia: A playground for community design experiments

About Krownlandia

Krownlandia is an imaginary town located primarily at www.Krownlandia.com and https://t.me/Krownlandia and created by members of the KROWN DAC and Token group on Telegram

We began suggesting what we would like in an ideal town such as: buildings, homes, elements, events, activities and Townspeople. 

Some places are open and active in Telegram, such as https://t.me/lisascoffeeshop. As others launch, they are linked from the official list document (below). 

Want to Add a Place? Post a Message with the name and your Telegram address in Telegram @Krownlandia.

“More than winning, it is important that they know that we have a charming idea here and that it really explains what a DAC is.” - @laloreto

Krownlandia History

Name of Town: Krownlandia #TOWNBUILDING

Named by @gorayii | Designer @lisachandler

Town started 1/22/20 9:45 am PT (Architects Day)

Town started in https://t.me/KrownToken 

(after the initial text file)

Krownlandia's First Map and Logo >

Krownlandia's Town Opening >