Goods from Townspeople

Save the Peacemakers!

Krownlandia is rescuing Grey Peacemaker refugees from Alien Worlds. Currently, we have the opportunity to save those in line to go to the volcano and to purchase them on the open market. Refugees will serve in the Krownlandia Army serving as ambassadors for peace. They will also participate in a newly forming PEACE DAC to explore the concepts of peace. Save the Peace NFTs on WAX are being used as a way that explorers are supporting the rescue efforts.

Krownlandia's First NFTs

On Simple Assets

Krownprinter has issued Krownlandia NFTs on Simple Assets in celebration of KROWN's 1st Birthday Celebration on May 22nd and 23rd and Krownlandia's Town Opening on May 23, 2020.

Three types of NFTs have been issued:

*Krownlandia Place

*Lisa's Coffee Shop Coffee

*KROWN Birthday Cake

NFTs are being used as rewards, incentives and bonuses for KROWN community members.

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