Lisa's Coffee Shop

Welcome to the First Active Place in Krownlandia Where You Earn Rewards When You Order

Lisa's Coffee Shop

Why Hand Out Virtual Coffee?

The question could be, "why charge for coffee?"

Many answers will come to mind, as to why people need to charge for coffee, such as the costs of goods and labor.

Yet, companies pay to communicate to people with certain affiliations, so perhaps that could cover the costs of the goods and labor, thus benefitting the people engaged in the community.

In looking for more equitable rewards models, Lisa's Coffee Shop, the first active place in the ideal town of Krownlandia, conducts microexperiments to learn how communications and community engagement systems can better the lives of it's members.

Lisa's Coffee Shop in Telegram

Join the First Lisa's Coffee Shop Community

Lisa's Coffee Shop was launched in Telegram on January 23, 2020.

In Telegram, order virtual coffee and snacks by clicking on the menu and posting stickers for your order.

Enjoy the virtual coffee and snacks that the stickers represent.

When Lisa is in the shop, she'll tip you KROWN cryptocurrency for your orders you post (subject to her discretion). Feel free to tip others, too.

Engage is interesting discussions for additional tips.

Check and access your tips in Telegram @TippedBot

Tip others in @lisascoffeeshop by typing /tip 100 KROWN (or whatever amount you want to tip)