How many

How many Colonic Treatments are necessary?

This does depend upon the individual and advice will be given after your first treatment. It may vary from only one treatment to several spread out over a period of time, after which preventative or maintenance treatments may be recommended.


One of the most important things you can do to improve your health is to undergo a detoxification and cleansing program. We recommend the following two programs as definitive ways to purify your body.

Get Started Program (3 colonics)

2 colonics first week

1 colonic the week after

Get in Shape Program (5 colonics)

2 colonics first week

1 colonic a week for three weeks

8 Step Transformation (8 colonics)

3 colonics in the first 7 - 10 days

1 colonic every other week for two months

1 colonic a month for maintenance

Is Colonic Irrigation safe?

Yes. All equipment used is either disposable or sterilized using hospital approved sterilants or regularly serviced and disinfected, so there is virtually no risk of cross infection.

Although large numbers of friendly bacteria are expelled during treatment, they quickly breed back up to strength, and the environment after treatment is usually better than before, thus leading to a better balance.

Colonic hydrotherapy, unlike the use of laxatives, enemas or slant boards, is not habit forming and actually improves the tone of the colon.