Swedish Massage

Relieve built up tension and alleviate stress with this relaxing and therapeutic full body massage

A combination of techniques to reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins and improve circulation

Approx, 60 min. $65

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep and focused massage that reaches right down into the tissue where more hidden tension may lie

Approx, 60 min. $75


Get the relaxing of the Swedish & Deep Tissue work on specific areas

Approx, 60 min. $70

Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing massage for a mother-to-be

Approx, 60 min. $70

Stone Therapy Massage

In this comforting and healing massage smooth polished hot stones are settled into the body contours on areas that tend to hold tension like the back muscles, abdomen and face. Oiled stones are then used in flowing strokes to relax the whole body

Approx, 60 min. $70


30 minutes of an ancient healing art for today’s stresses

Approx, 30 min. $40

Express Massage

A thirty minutes massage to address a problematic area on the body. Great for busy people who need a "quick fix me up".

Approx, 30 min. $40