What to expect


Story Time: video about my colonic experience.

What to expect on your first visit

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out a client information form. At this time we will also discuss what you, the client, hope to accomplish through colon hydrotherapy.

We then go into the colon hydrotherapy room. In private, you undress from the waist down and position yourself comfortably on the "LIBBE" base. The client gently and easily inserts the LIBBE Rectal tube in privacy. The LIBBE Rectal tube, is the size of a ‘pencil’ individually packaged, sterile, for single use, and is properly disposed after each session.

Water flows through a Carbon filter, which removes any sediment, rust, or chlorine. Furthermore, water is purified by an Ultra Violet-Water Purification system, before it enters your body. A gentle slow rate of purified – temperature safe water at a safe temperature of 98 F to 102 F is fed from the gravity-fed column. Feces releases naturally. An Odor Exhaust System insures that the session room remains totally odor free.

A clear viewing tube allows you to see what comes out during releases. A rinsing sprayer is used to rinse bottom after the session. A Session lasts approximately 45 minutes. Dignity is protected at all times. Our Board Certified colon hydro therapists are always nearby to monitor and provide you with assistance and comfort as needed. After each session the LIBBE is cleaned and disinfected.

Day of Therapy

• Do not eat 3 hours prior to treatment.

• If morning therapy try to avoid eating. Just drink water or diluted fruit juices.

After your colon cleanse

After your colon cleanse, it is just as important to maintain healthy eating habits to maintain a clean good functioning colon. Include plenty of fiber in your diet. Excellent sources of fiber include flaxseed, oats, beets and Brussels sprouts. Choose whole grains like barley and rye. Brown rice is excellent, as are legumes. Most of us lack fermented foods in our diets, but these foods are important for maintaining the balance of good bacteria in our colon. They help keep toxic substances in check, reduce the number of bad bacteria, and provide energy to the colon. Sources include cultured yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. Finally, it is imperative to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

The "LIBBE"(Lower Intestinal Bottom Bowel Evacuation)

• The "LIBBE" is an FDA Approved One Piece Fiberglass Seat Base System

• Gravity Fed or Pressure Controlled

• Safe!!

• Ultra-Violet Water Filter-Purification

• Three Check Valves to Prevent Waste Water From Returning to Water Supply

• Automatic Temperature Shutoff

• Odorless Vent System

• The finest "State of the Art" equipment on the market.