What will the future look like? Will it be sustainable or desirable? If so, for whom? This work employs cutting edge futuring methods to develop scientifically-grounded, yet striking, visions of humanity's future. 

The Anthropocene - the current time of global Earth and human system change - is changing the fundamental nature of risk. How can we manage risks associated with nonlinear change and a moving target of sustainability? This work develops new theoretical and conceptual tools for disentangling our rapidly accelerating global system.

This work aims to understand how humans interact with the atmospheric water cycle. We consider how land-use change impacts modify evaporation, which can lead to changes in precipitation elsewhere - and importantly to the livelihoods of people dependent on that precipitation.

SuStainable Development

Our work focuses on both global and country-specific insights for tracking where sustainable development is headed. We incorporate a wide variety of methods, including machine learning, stakeholder engagement, remote-sensing driven modeling, and more.