President: Craig Sanborn

Vice President: Katie Jungers

Treasurer: Tammy Butz

Secretary: Jamie Piittmann

Club e-mail:

Duties of Officer Positions

President: Preside at the Booster Club meetings, appoint standing and special committees, and when unable to attend meetings to notify the Vice President to preside

Vice President: Assist the President in the discharge of duties, in the absence of President preside at meetings, and assist with securing workers at events

Treasurer: Collect all money, keep an accurate record of all money received by and expended by the organization, and furnish a financial report at each meeting

Secretary: Keep an accurate record of all proceedings of all meetings held, conduct all necessary correspondence, track all hours worked in the concession stand for scholarship eligibility purposes, and ensure the representatives from the co-curricular activity requesting funds assist in the concession stand the appropriate amount of time (two hours for each $100 provided)

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PO Box 180, Kewaskum, WI 53040