The goal of this procedure is to ensure that each club, sporting team or organization understands the process required and responsibilities to obtain funds from the Kewaskum High School Booster Club.


If funds are desired, a representative from the club, sporting team or organization must request to be included on the next Booster Club Meeting agenda. This can be done by contacting any officer of the Booster Club or via e-mail:

The representative must explain to the Booster Club what the expense is for and the maximum amount of estimated expenditures.

The Booster Club will discuss the request and approve, disapprove or table the request if additional information is required from the representative. The representative must be able to identify fiscal year fund raisers currently held by the club, sporting team or organization.


The representative is responsible for providing a detailed receipt to the Booster Club Treasurer on letterhead from the company in which the desired items are obtained within sixty (60) days from the date of approval. The Booster Club will reimburse or pay the respective funds only if a valid receipt is available.

The representative is also responsible for obtaining adult(s) to work at Booster Club events (concession stand) at a rate of two (2) hours for every $100 provided by the Booster Club. Clubs, sporting teams or organizations cannot bank hours for future expected expenditures and the required service hours need to be performed within one (1) year from the date the payment is approved.

In the event that a club, sporting team or organization fails to work the required Booster Club event hours, any future requests for funds may be denied.

Revised: 04/15/13


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