This workshop seeks at providing the opportunity for inspiration and cross-fertilization for the research groups working on technological solutions for digital factories and smart manufacturing. We welcome innovative papers from academic and industrial researchers covering a wide range of topics of interests in the computer science and computer engineering fields.

The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Digital Platform Interoperability for Digital Factories
  • Internet-of-things for Smart Manufacturing
  • Digital Factories and End-to-end supply chains
  • Peer Manufacturing
  • Model-based development in Digital Factories
  • M2M interaction
  • Information Systems for Sustainable Value Networks
  • Information Systems Engineering for Additive Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Enterprise Architecture Engineering
  • Big Data Technologies and Analytics for Smart Manufacturing
  • Cloud, Fog, Edge Computing and other programming techniques in Manufacturing Systems
  • Data Mining, Machine Learning and AI in Smart Manufacturing
  • Data-driven decision making in Industry 4.0
  • Real-time Computing in Smart Manufacturing Environments
  • Proactive and Autonomous Computing in Digital Factories
  • Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems and Digital Twins
  • Context-aware and Adaptive Systems in Smart Manufacturing and Digital Factories
  • Digital Security, Privacy and Liability
  • Business Process Modelling, Analysis and Engineering
  • Business Impact of Information Systems for Industry 4.0
  • Advanced user interfaces for Industry 4.0
  • Virtual and augmented reality for smart manufacturing