Career Exploration

Career Development

We are using CIS as a means to build a digital portfolio that students can take with them beyond high school. CIS is a platform that offers students a variety of surveys to gather information about their strengths, skills, learning styles, and interests, in order to develop a career plan specific to their uniqueness. CIS connects students with financial aid and scholarships, a database of occupations to explore, apprenticeship options, and postsecondary schools from certification programs through every undergraduate and graduate program in the United States.

Oregon CIS link: Students have been creating a Digital Portfolio using their individual login information.

Field Excursion Opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of field experience offerings as a way of exploring possible career options. Come join the adventure:

~ On Monday, September 23rd, we experienced an adventure tour at the High Desert Museum for a "Keeper Care" behind the scenes visit. This was a great opportunity for any students considering a career working with animals or at a living history museum or a degree as a Wildlife Biologist. The tour was very hands-on and gave the students a lot of insight and practical knowledge.

~On Monday, November 4th, students had the opportunity to take a class on Sustainable Energy through the High Desert Museum.

~On Monday, January 13th, we toured the Redmond Police Station with fellow OFS parent and Police Captain Devin Lewis. We were also able to spend time with their Canine Cops, Rogue and Maverick!

"The answer always lies within us--it just takes some time to excavate. Asking questions is a great way to be more objective about your situation and to discover new things about yourself and the path you want to be on."

Upcoming Field Experience Opportunities

Culinary Institute

Upcoming Career Field Excursion

March 9th, 9am-11am

Culinary Institute at COCC

Tour and Hands On Activity

Email to reserve a spot:

Airport Tower

Upcoming Career Field Excursion