High School Happenings With Mrs. Kerry

I am excited to be the Language Arts and History Teacher at our brand new Redmond Campus and the Site Coordinator for our Career Development Program using CIS, Career Information Systems, out of the University of Oregon.

Mrs. Kerry Hinton-Graham B.S., M.A.

As a proud graduate of Pepperdine University, I have been teaching since 1991 in Malibu, Redmond, Bend, and as a home school teacher to my four! I have graduated my twin daughters and have two sons in high school. When not teaching, I love hiking alongside water: lakes, rivers, creeks, and the ocean.

I also love spending time with kids of all ages... especially my teens and their friends! I took 13 teens camping this summer...just for fun!

To me, there is no better day then one filled with sunshine, spent kayaking, reading or camping on one of the beautiful Central Oregon lakes.

I live with my family in Redmond on a mini-farm. We have chickens, ducks, Nigerian Dwarf goats, dogs, cats, fish and homing pigeons!

I wasn't born to "just teach." I was born to inspire others, to be an encourager, to instill a love of learning, and to remind everyone that they were created for a unique calling as I help them discover their individual dreams and talents.

Essay Contest Opportunity!

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Oregon High School Credit Requirements

English Language Arts=4

Mathematics=3 of Algebra I and above

Science=3 Scientific Inquiry and Lab Experience

Social Sciences=3

Physical Education=1


Second Language, The Arts, and/or Career and Technical Education=3


Total Credits=24

For more information visit https://www.oregon.gov/ode/students-and-family/OregonDiploma/Pages/Credit-Req.aspx

High School Exit Options

As Oregon students work to be successful in their next steps (e.g. postsecondary education and training, workforce entry, career school, apprenticeship, military) the Department of Education is committed to ensuring a variety of options are available to meet all students’ needs.

Oregon Diploma=See the above requirements.
Modified DiplomaPassage of HB 2848 requires districts to offer a Modified Diploma “to those students who have demonstrated the inability to meet the full set of academic content standards even with reasonable modifications and accommodations.”
Extended DiplomaIn December 2009, the State Board of Education adopted new extended diploma requirements. Districts or public charter schools shall award an extended diploma only to students who have demonstrated the inability to meet the full set of academic content standards even with reasonable modifications and accommodations. Students must have a documented history of an inability to maintain grade level achievement due to significant learning and instructional barriers or have a documented history of a medical condition that creates a barrier to achievement, and participate in an alternate assessment or have a serious illness or injury that changes the student’s ability to participate in grade level activities.
Alternative CertificateIn accordance with HB 2848 a school district or public charter school shall award an alternative certificate to a student who does not satisfy the requirements for a diploma if the student meets criteria established by the board of the school district or public charter school.
GEDThe General Educational Development Testing Service (GEDTS) enables approved states to provide access to the GED Option Program for selected secondary students who are enrolled in school. Oregon school districts and education service districts with an approved GED Option Program Application are given the opportunity to retain enrollment of 16 and 17-year-old students while they study for and take GED Subtests. Because they remain in school, students continue toward achieving the academic credits and Essential skills required for graduation and do not need an Exemption from Compulsory Attendance to access GED tests.