Engraved Amateur Radio Call Sign

AnyTone® AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV



Engraved Self Adhesive Call Sign

The product is made of laser engraved self-adhesive gloss black lamicoid with white substrate and will fit in place of the AnyTone® and Btech logo. Just peel off the backing and you're good to go.

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The cost is $5.00 each (minimum order 2) shipping included, for orders within The United States of America only. For orders outside the United States of America, the cost is the same, plus an additional $2.00 for shipping. Free international shipping on orders over $30.00 - Discounts for quantities.

Obviously, for the price, the radio is not included with the call sign. Should you have any problems or suggestions regarding this site or product or have other questions, you can contact me at kc8glmobile@gmail.com .

Remember to peel off the manufacturers logo from the face of the radio and replace it with your call sign. If you place it on top of the manufacturers logo, it will not be as aesthetically pleasing.