Engraved Amateur Radio

Call Sign Sticker

AT-D868UV / AT-878UV
AT-D878UV II Plus

This label will fit all models of the 868/878/6X2 handheld radios. It's laser engraved self-adhesive lamicoid will fit in place of the AnyTone® and Btech logo. Just peel off the backing and affix. This font now matches the AnyTone® font on the D578UV III Pro microphone available on this site here. *

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2) Upon payment, it usually ships within 24 hours.

The cost is $10.00 per pair shipping included, for orders within The United States of America only. For orders outside the United States of America, an additional $2.00 for shipping will be charged. Shipping costs are calculated automatically. Free international shipping on orders over $30.00 - Discounts for quantities.

Remember to peel off the manufacturers logo from the face of the radio and replace it with your call sign. If you place it on top of the manufacturers logo, it will not be as aesthetically pleasing. Also, for a more professional look, use a black permanent marker around the perimeter of the sticker to hide the white substrate. In this way it will blend in with the radio.

Questions: contact kc8glmobile@gmail.com

* Radio is for illustrative purposes only and not included in sticker purchase.