The only farm animal rescue on Kaua'i, caring for 19 species of animals in Kapa'a open to serve the community by appointment ONLY

A volunteer, nonprofit organization founded & operated by a Hawaiian 'ohana to address the many, diverse needs in our community.

 First we serve as the only farm animal rescue on Kaua'i.

We care for over 170 animals of at least 19 different species. 

Next, the property is landscaped with native, medical and edible plants.

Then we connect all of these elements to our community,

as we focus on working with those at risk.

We are so excited to be hosting our 1st ever Adoption Fair this Saturday from 3pm-5pm.

Bring your 'ohana to find a new family member at the farm!

Bring your own cage.

Bring your pumpkins to feed the animals!!!

Q & A with aunty Christy so you'll be comfortable in caring for your new pet.

Feed donation re Always Greatly Appreciated!

We have lot's of animals to choose from:

Chinchilla's $150 ea (male)

Red -Eared Sliders $10 ea

Rabbits $25 ea (males are neutered)

Guinea Pigs $35 ea(males are neutered)

Goats $75-$150 (males are castrated)

Chickens/Roosters $10 ea

Sulcata tortoise $75.

Muscovy ducks $10 ea

Directions to Kauai Animal Education Farm

**KAEF is strictly by appointment ONLY