Katie Marie Glenn

Community Advocate | Graduate Student 

Too often, words divide us. My goal is to reimagine the ways in which we talk about tough social issues to come together and make a positive change. I study how knowledge is produced and how we use that to have conversations to formulate a better society.

This site is a showcase of the threads of my various areas of interest, the research I am producing, and the ways in which I situate myself to bring about effective policy and social change for different marginalized communities. 

Analyzing the ways in which knowledge is produced and distributed, I look at the impact that words have and how to use our words to advocate for change. 

My research interests are in Epistemology and Attitude Formation; Race, Ethnicity and Immigration; Religion in Politics; Gender and Politics; Political Communications. My current work looks at the media and how various groups are framed and the political impact it has on the greater public.

What are the issues? Who is impacted? What can we do moving forward?

What narratives are told in the media about people and how does that affect their communities?