Kansas English

Call for Manuscripts

Kansas English is the peer-reviewed journal of the Kansas Association of Teachers of English (KATE). It publishes articles and materials on subjects of interest to English and literacy teachers at all levels, including practitioner pieces, scholarly articles, reflective essays, interviews, book reviews, and creative works (including photos and artwork). Kansas English publishes about 80 percent of the manuscripts it receives each year. The editor is Dr. Katie Cramer, Professor of English Education at Wichita State University. Specifically, consider submitting the following types of manuscripts:

  1. Practitioner Pieces describing how you teach a particular text, skill, or concept in your English language arts classroom.

  2. Scholarly Articles, including research studies and academic arguments supported by research in English education.

  3. Reflective Essays about teaching English language arts.

  4. Creative Works (e.g., poetry, vignettes, photography) related to teaching English.

  5. Interviews with authors and experts in the field of English language arts.

  6. Book Reviews of recently published young adult literature and English pedagogy texts.

  7. Conversation Pieces in response to previously published work in Kansas English.

  8. Kansas-Specific Articles that would be of interest to Kansas English teachers.

Recent issues of Kansas English are freely accessible on Wichita State University's Open Journal Systems located HERE.

If you would like to submit your work to Kansas English, please view the submission procedures HERE.