Fursuit TOS

Payment and Refund Policy

A 30% non-refundable down payment for all fursuits is required. This is used to gather materials for your suit. The other 70% of the payment must be made BEFORE any fur is cut.

If not the commission will be placed on hold till payment is made or the commission is terminated.

Other payment plans can be done and are always case by case.

Payments are made via a paypal goods and services invoice, unless otherwise arranged.

The commissioner is responsible for all shipping and customs costs.

Once fur pieces are cut for the suit 60% of the total payments become non-refundable.

After all fur pieces are sewn together 100% of payments are non-refundable (as almost all that is left to finish a head is to glue it onto the base, or attach lining for a bodysuit for example. This is because the suit would be pretty much finished after this point)

If a refund is issued, all work up to that point is forfeited to the maker and will be turned into a new/different character and kept by the maker or sold as a premade.

The maker keeps all furs, fabrics, and materials from the commission. If a payment plan is agreed on for a premade suit or other finished items:1) No items will be shipped before full payment is made.2) All payments are non-refundable for premade or other non-custom items. 3) Payment plans will have set dates for payments. If a payment is missed for longer then 1 month the transaction is cancelled and the items will remain with the seller. The seller keeps all rights and the item can be places up for sale again if need be.

Age Requirements

YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER to commission anything.

Proof of age may be requested at any time.

Legal parent or guardian may commission me for a minor.

NSFW suit add ons will NOT be made for anyone under 18 (even with parent permission).

I do NOT make suits for anyone under the age of 15.

Copyright Policy

Proof of character ownership can also be requested at any time. Copyrighted characters or characters containing copyrighted material (Ex: a dog with a company logo on its chest) will not be created, unless the owner of said copyright is also the commissioner or has given the commissioner written permission for the suit.

After the suit is finished, the owner of the suit and the suit maker SHARE a copyright on the suit. The commissioner must credit the suit as being made by the maker. The maker has the right to use photos of the suit as examples in advertisements, portfolios, etc.

Ref Sheet Requirements

A clear digital ref sheet is required for commissioning, unless the commissioner is commissioning a ref sheet from me or it is an artistic liberty suit.

Clear means that the ref is accurate, unshaded, and understandable. I am not responsible for building a suit based off of an inaccurate ref sheet. Extreme changes based on this will cause a fee.

Fur and fabric Matching

If a commissioner is commissioning suit parts and wants the furs to match the fur/fabric of pre-existing parts (either made by me or someone else), one of two things must happen: 1) They must provide an online source of the furs and fabrics to be ordered OR 2) if they do not know the source they must work with the marker to find the furs/fabrics. We do NOT take furs or fabrics from the commissioner for a variety of reasons.

Time frames and Deadlines

Estimated completion times are just that, estimated. Suits will be worked on and completed in a reasonable time frame. But of course emergencies do arise. Communication is key in commissions and time frame changes will be communicated as soon as the maker knows them.

Quality suits are the most important, I do not want a rushed suit that compromises its quality.

WIP Policy

Tons of wips will be sent throughout the whole suit making process. Main WIPs include but are not limited to; the completion of head or digi leg bases, fully taped parts with markings drawn, horn, ear, etc base piece’s size and shape, fur and other fabric colors, etc. Main WIPs will require approval before completing certain parts of the commission, these main WIPs will be talked about extensively to make sure your suit is perfect.

If there is a particular part of the suit that you want extra WIPs (say you really want a particular marking to look a certain way or the wings to be a specific shape) then these must be communicated before the start of the suit to ensure extra WIPs are sent.

Pet Warning

Suits are made in a pet friendly home, containing dogs, cats, birds, and aquatic animals. These pets rarely come in direct contact with suits or suit making materials but the risk is there for allergies from these animals to travel in the air or my person.

Repair Policy

Repairs can be made and the costs will be quoted on a case by case basis. Shipping costs to and from the maker must be covered by the commissioner. Simple repairs (like a popped seam) may not require shipping the suit back to the maker. I may be able to walk you through how to fix it yourself to avoid having to ship it!

Any parts of the suit that need to be sent back for any reason must be properly cleaned by the commissioner before sending, a dirty suit will result in a cleaning fee. If the suit is too dirty or has some kind of infestation I have the right to refuse service for the safety of me and my work space. If this happens, the commissioner is still responsible for shipping costs but service fees will be refunded.

Murrsuit/Softsuit/Adult Suit Policy

Kaida’s Kingdom Creations is sex positive and murrsuit friendly. SPH, zippers, and other adult things may be commissioned. Pricing for these things are by quote only currently.

However, murrsuit/adult suits will not be created for original species where the owner of said species has prohibited it (Ex: Dutch Angel Dragons). Murrsuits and other adult content will NOT be created for any character that is underage or for any commissioner that is underage, no exceptions.