Ref Sheet Prices

🐉 Ref sheets! 🐉

My ref sheets are all custom drawn, no templates or line art, to create the perfect and unique ref sheet for you!

I charge per “Add On” to help you make a custom ref just for you. If you do not see an add on or option that fits you, feel free to message me and I can quote you a price for what you would like!

All my refs are flat colored and can contain color pallets and text with basic info (like name, species, basic personality traits and likes/dislikes) for no extra charge.

WARNING: These are BASE prices meaning the complexity of your character will determine the exact price.

Examples of things that can cause up charges:

  • Wings and extra limbs

  • Extra heads

  • Crazy hybrids

  • Strange, unique, or original species

Ref Sheet Styles

I offer two “styles” of ref sheets, Fursuit friendly and Normal.

The biggest difference in the ref sheets is the proportions of the character and blended markings.

  • Fursuit friendly refs can be digi or planti (depending on the suit) and will have bigger heads and smoother lines and has the option of simplified patterns for easier suit making.

  • “Normal” refs are more accurately proportioned to if the character were real. These tend to have more “detail” (like gradients), thinner more animal like legs, or more accurate body proportions as examples.

Of course you can make a suit from either one, I just offer both types.

Mira is an example of a fursuit friendly ref, were as Peyglo is a normal ref.

Baseline ref 60 USD

All my ref sheets have a minimum of two views.

These come with a front and back view.

Quip's ref sheet is an example of a Baseline ref sheet.

Add On's!

If you would like more to your ref I offer these options, mix and match to get the perfect ref for you!

If you do not see something you would like people message me for a quote. Some of these are price ranges. More complex items/designs will cost more.

Full body view 30 USD each

Half body 20 USD each

Head shots /Emotions 15 USD each

Feral full body 20 USD + each

Close up of body part or marking 5 - 20 USD each

Drawn likes and dislikes 5 USD each

Clothing/Outfits 20 - 40 USD + each

Accessories 5 - 15 USD each

Size chart 5 - 20 USD

Fur color swatch/pallet 5 USD each

NSFW up charge (With added close up) 20 USD

Extremely detailed text info 5 - 20 USD

Please note that there is NO limit to the number of add ons you can have on a ref, so you could get all of them if you wanted!

Art and Pricing Examples!

From more examples please visit my gallery!

Baseline Ref Sheet

About 60 USD

Ref with:
Detailed text info and fur color swatches/pallet

About 90 USD

Ref with three head shots

About 105 USD

Ref with prop and size chart

About 75 USD

Ref with:
three head shots and two full bodies.

About 165 USD

Ref with:

Extra Full body, two head shots, feral view, two body close ups, three accessories, detailed text description

About 165 USD

Ref with feral full body and headshot

About 85 USD