Commissions and YCHs


Please if you don't like it just don't commission me, okay?

I have a right to end or decline a commission at anytime for any reason. Please do not bother or harass me if I can’t or will not do your commission.

By commissioning me you agree and understand my TOS. If you do not agree to this TOS then please DO NOT commission me. Everything said by me is final. This TOS can and will change.

Payment and Refund Policies

  • All money amounts are in USD and can be paid through paypal invoices

  • I will draw almost anything that is not in my "will not draw" list (see below for that list). If you wish to have something commissioned that I am uncomfortable with and it is not on the list yet, I have the right to still decline your commission.

  • If I find your commission to be too difficult or that I am uncomfortable with it, I have the right to end a commission at any time or any reason with a full refund to you.

  • If I have already started your commission, you cannot request a refund. There will be NO REFUNDS what so ever, no matter what the reason is.

  • Please understand, art is a HOBBY of mine. It is not my full job and I have a very busy schedule outside of it, so I do not create deadlines in most cases. Rush fees may be taken into consideration.

Reference Sheet Policy

Front and back ref sheets are preferred. You MUST have a ref sheet with at least digital color code for each color on your character. NO SHADED REFS. If you do not have a proper ref or it is super complicated or hard to understand I may add up to 25% of the final commission price. This is because I will have to spend extra time on your commission that I other wise would not have too. This policy does NOT apply if you are commissioning me for a ref sheet.

Age Policy

I will not do any business with anyone under the age of 18, no matter the commission type. If I wonder if you are or are not I will ask for proof of age. However parents may commission me for SFW pieces on behalf of the minor. I will NOT take NSFW or Fursuit commissions for minors, even with parent's consent.


  • If you are getting art of a character that does not belong to you I will check with the rightful owner of said character to get approval before use. I have the right to ask for proof of ownership of any character.

  • I will not edit my style or copy another artists style. This is rude and very disrespectful. If you want something done in a different style then mine please find an artist that does it in that style.

  • Art commissioned from me is for personal use only unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. This means the art is for your personal use only and CANNOT be sold to others. I am willing to do commercial artwork for an extra fee, this will be on a case by case basis, just ask me!

  • Also, my art is to remain in its original form ONLY. This means that if it is commissioned as a digital art piece it is to REMAIN a digital art piece. Or if you commission a traditional piece, it cannot be scanned and edited into a digital piece without my permission. Art is not to be printed on anything (including paper, stickers, hoodies, shirts, etc), tattooed on ANYONE (even the commissioner), edited into anything different (like telegram stickers or youtube videos), or used in any other way without written consent from the artist FIRST, yes EVEN if these things are going to be for personal use or given out for free. Commissioners DO NOT have permission to use my art in this way unless discussed and agreed upon beforehand.That being said, commissioners have these permissions automatically with commissioned art:

        • Art can be posted to any image website with a proper credit to the artist (These means a LINK to one of the artists sites)

        • Art can be used as a profile picture (again with proper credits attached)

        • Art that is commissioned as a physical item (like a mask or badge) does NOT need to be credited any time the commissioner posts a photo where the art happens to be visible.

  • I hold the copyright of all art I create and I am allowed to use said art however I please. Typically this means that I will use it for advertising and as examples of previous work. Artwork may or may not be posted to my gallery as well.Of course you retain the right to your character and I will NEVER sell products depicting your character without your permission.

  • My art is NOT to be used as or in any kind of NFT by ANYONE, including the commissioner and myself.

Communication Policies

WIP Policy

  • I send lots of WIPs (work in progresses). There are four Stages of WIPs that MUST be approved before I move on: the final sketch, lineart, color, shading. I DO NOT continue on a commission until the commissioner approves each one. The longer it takes for a commissioner to respond the longer the commission will take. Once a stage has been approved and I move on to the next one any previous stages CANNOT be changed without an additional fee. (For example: I am shading your art and you want the lineart changed I cannot do that). With this being said, I am willing to make a reasonable amount of changes while in a stage. (for example changing the pose in the sketch stage or changing or adding a marking in the coloring stage). But be sure to communicate any changes/mistakes BEFORE approving or moving on to the next stage.

Ghosting Policy

If you do not respond to me in over 3 months your commission will be DROPPED with NO refund. (For example I send you a WIP and you do not message back within three months) Ghosting will result in a termination of the commission with no refunds. All WIPS will retain under my full copyright and I reserve the right to use the sketch/pose/what ever for something like a YCH (your character here)

IMPORTANT. I do NOT go searching for commissioners. It is the responsibility of the commissioner to get in contact with me if they loose access to the account I am talking with them on. If a commissioner looses access to an account or it gets deleted (FB gets zucced, you forget your password, etc) I will freeze the commission until you contact me with a new account with proof of commission (within the three months). If you think this may be an issue, give me more then one way to find you (Email, telegram, twitter, FB messager, etc.) and I will add it to your trello card so If I don't hear anything from you then I can contact you a new way. If you loose access to your account you are STILL responsible for contacting me with in the three month time frame. I have accounts on most main social platforms and an email, contact me in one way or another to avoid loosing your commission.

If you are outside of that 3 month window, I will start your commission again with a 50% charge of the original price. If it has been over 6 months since you last contacted me, I cannot guarantee I will have your files still.

My Watermark and Edits Policy

I place a watermark on every piece of art I create. DO NOT remove this watermark. When using my art you MUST credit me by linking to one of my many social media accounts (link to them all in the "home page"). Removing the mark or not crediting me is art theft and I have a 0 tolerance policy when it comes to this, if I find out I will give a gentle reminder and if you do not correct this I will create a Buyer's Beware and black list you. This is very rare and I haven't had to do it this yet so just make both our life easy and don’t do it. Thanks 💙

Do NOT edit, crop, add filters, etc. to my artwork without my permission.


  • Adding "Stickers" or water marks over my art.

  • Adding words over my art. (ex: "This character belongs to -name here-")

  • Scribbling or coloring over my art work.

  • Adding phone or app filters to my artwork. (facebook's frames or toyhouse watermarks for example are ok since they do not actually edit the work itself.)

Art trades, Freebies and Raffles

Art Trades

  • These are worked on after commissions and YCHs.

  • I rarely take on trades but on the cases I do open for them, trades have NO DEADLINE. Please don’t worry I always finish art trades.

  • I will also ask for a fair trade. Like if you want a full colored and shaded fullbody I will ask for the same in return. Or if you are offering something other then art, I ask that the money values match, (your fursuit head is worth 500 USD so I will draw 500 USD worth of art)

  • If you cheat out on your half, I will no longer do any form of art for you. I reserve the right to change any part of my trade into something else for me to sell or use to recoup my costs.

Freebies and Raffles

  • Freebies are given out extremely rarely when I have raffles or I am feeling generous. I do these last after all other works. Do not rush me on these or I will not do them.

  • Remember they are free and I work on them in my free time.

  • If I don't not wish to do the freebie I have the right to do so and can cancel it at any time.

  • When entering into one of my raffles be sure to read through all rules.

  • Follow the rules and fill out the correct form (or whatever it asks) to enter.

Will/Will Not Draw’s SFW

🚫 SFW Will Not Draws:

  • Racist, homophobic, transphobic, and so on, things or things that imply these.

  • Political views that I do not agree with.

  • I will not draw characters that do not follow their species guide lines.

  • Babies and children (I'm not good at them)

  • Things outside of my style (kemono/chibi styles for example)

  • Cars and most machinery

❓ SFW May Draws:

(these are things that I may not be comfortable with. So ask and we can work something out :3)

  • Taurs

  • Fish and other underwater creatures

  • Elephants

  • Hybrids, monsters and original species

  • Any other species I haven't drawn before

  • Sketch Pages

  • Comics

  • most inanimate objects

  • Humanoids (Elves, mermaids, etc)

✔ SFW Will Draw:

  • Horses and dutchies

  • Dogs, wolves, coyotes, and other canines

  • Cats, lions, tigers, and other felines

  • Most Birds

  • Dragons and reptiles

  • Hyenas and toyenas

  • Manokits, sergals, wickerbeasts, protogens, drekkubus, etc (most original species)

  • Most any other species that I have drawn before!

Of course not everything is on here. I have forgotten some things or I may not even know about them. If it is not on the list then it is a maybe. If I find your commission to be too much, please do not be offended if I can’t do it. I do not wanna cheat you out of your money because I do not have enough experience to make your commission the highest quality I can.

Will/Will Not Draw's NSFW

All SFW Will and Will nots are included here.🚫 NSFW Will NOT Draw’s:

  • Characters that are under the age of 18

  • R*pe or anything nonconsensual

  • Adult characters with Diapers or other baby items

  • Scat or Piss play

  • Anal vore.

❓ NSFW Maybe’s:

  • Hyper

  • Marco / Micro

  • Transformations

  • Knife or gun play

  • All other Fetishes and Kinks I have not specifically listed

✔ NSFW Will draws:

  • Vanilla

  • Solos/Pin-Ups

  • Bondage, Ropes, Shibari

  • Tentacles

  • Eggs and Ovi

  • Inflatables (Pool toy kind)

  • Latex and Rubber

  • Vore, gore, and blood

  • Pony, Pup, kitten, or animal role play

  • All genders, sexes, body types

Of course not everything is on here. I have forgotten some things or I may not even know about them. If it is not on the list then it is a maybe. If I find your commission to be too much, please do not be offended if I can’t do it. I do not wanna cheat you out of your money because I do not have enough experience to make your commission the highest quality I can.

TOS last updated on December 18th 2021