I'm Junhang YU,

a Human-Computer Interaction Designer and Researcher

Standing at the crossroads of humanity, technology, and business, I am a critical thinker and agile doer. 

UX Design and HCI Projects

Interacting with text across documents

#CHI2022 #Honorable Mention

Remote museum visit with mobile XR

#Hackathon winner project

Mindfulness game against lockdown anxiety

#Design and business

GDPR auto-compliance service

#Summer school winner project

AR remote piano mentoring platform

Serious game against social anxiety

Interactive gallery

HMI Design

Design&demo tool concept for HMI designers

Interactive intelligent cabin and embodied AI

CoVac  the chatbot

Chatbot that helps you with covid vaccination

ADAS design, industrial and interaction design 

Intelligent family water hub 

Embodied chatbot to connect with separate family

Other Side Projects