Greetings, earthling (or otherwise). Thanks for visiting my portfolio site, of poetry-like-substances and imperfect rhyme (both of which I considered as domain names but, hey, what's in a name? Maybe something that's easy to remember? Like mine?!). Grab your favorite beverage and make yourself comfy. And please stop by every blue moon for updated content ... that is, as long as I don't get too many rejection letters from journal submissions! This has all been published in some form, or won or placed in a contest. (So someone likes it, besides my family members, who are required to. I won't scare you with the other, unpublished stuff ... yet.)

Tea time with one of my favorite KMUW mugs. (OK; they're all my favorites.)

I am humbled, grateful, and freaked out to be named the 2023 Kansas Authors Club "Poet of the Year." Thanks to Gretchen Eick of Blue Cedar Press for managing the contest, and all of the KAC folks who are each so supportive, friendly, talented, hardworking, and sharp. 

If you’re even remotely thinking about writing in the future, I highly recommend joining KAC—it’s worth its weight in rare meteorites. Not to mention purchasing members’ books via indie bookstores and independent publishers—that’ll take care of your reading list for the rest of your life.

See the page menu at the top for more. And thanks for visiting my portfolio site! —Julie Ann Baker Brin

Random decorative, abstract line drawings by Julie Ann Baker Brin.