1. General Ecology: Introductory course in ecology. Taught by a group of colleagues: Juan Felipe Blanco, Sandra Cuartas, Cornelio Bota, Hector Rivera, Pilar Ximena Lizarazo, and me.   

Some of the projects done by undergrads during the course.

2. Community Ecology: Introductory course on community ecology. We follow Vellend's and Mittelbach's books. 

2. GIS Applications in Biology: Introductory course on the use of spatial information and some of its potential applications in Biology. 


1. Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolution: We follow Ovaskainen's book. 

2. Occupancy Modeling: Introduction to occupancy modeling and its derivatives. We follow MacKenzie's and Kéry & Royle's books. 

3. Niche modeling and geographic distributions: Introduction to the theoretical concepts and application of niche modeling. Class is taught in conjunction with professors Octavio Rojas Soto, Rosario Landgrave, and Andres Lira from INECOL (Veracruz, Mexico), Enrique Martinez Meyer and Angela Cuervo from UNAM. We follow Peterson's book.