Chief Instructor

Sensei Barry Cook is the National Technical Director (NTD) of Ju-Jitsu for the International Martial Arts Federation Europe - UK Branch. It is his role to oversee the practice and development of Ju-Jitsu throughout the UK branch of the federation.

Sensei Cook is an 8th Dan (8段) Shihan (師範) meaning Master, he is the Soke (宗家) meaning Head/Founder of our Dojo (道場), but prefers the title Sensei (先生) meaning Teacher. He has more than 42 years of training and competing in Budo (Martial Arts 武道). Since forming our Honbu Dojo (本部道場) in 2003, Sensei Cook has gone from strength to strength in his development of Ju-Jitsu, not only within the UK but across the world. He travels to the United States each year to attend international forums and assemblies in order to maintain a high standard of Ju-Jitsu knowledge to bring back to the UK and to our Dojo.

Sensei Cook holds a BA (Honours) degree in Education and is a PE teacher teaching the national PE curriculum in Preston, Lancashire. Currently, Sensei Cook is also a postgraduate student studying for his Master's degree in Education.


For our coaching qualifications, we use the RQF Level 5 (Ofqual) Coaching award, which is a full professional teaching qualification, if taken at a college, it takes 2 years to complete. Academically, it is the equivalent to the second year of a Bachelor’s degree.


As well as sitting on the board of the IMAF UK, Master Cook is also the UK technical director for the art of Japanese Ju-Jitsu. Master Cook is also graded by the IMAF Federation and is a long standing member.

Current Grade

IMAF 8th Dan