3:30 PM.  Seating 

4:00 PM  Concert


Ragam: Khamas 

Composer: Muthayyaih Bhagavathar 

Talam:  Adi 

This varnam prays to the ultimate mother, protector and guide.

Mamava Gananadha 

Ragam:  Hamsdhwani 

Composer: NVP Menon 

Talam: Adi 

This is song is in praise lord vinayaka. 

contemporary composer.


Ragam:  Kamalamanohari 

Talam: Adi 

This song is in praise of goddess kamakshi, bestowed of prosperity. She is majestic like a elephant and is adorned by gems. 

Ee Vasudha 

Ragam:  Sahana 

Composer: Tygaraja 

Talam: Adi

Where in this world can I see a god like you?Bestowing boons and causing growth, you remove all sorrows and grant us wealth. You re sunderasa embodiment of bliss. 

Senthil Andavan 

Ragam:  Kharaharapriya 

Composer: Papanasam Sivan 

Talam:  Rupaka 

This song praises Lord Murugan, son of Shiva. He is the 6 faced lord  who is the lover of Valli and devainyani and wields a spear in his hand. 


Ragam:  urmikA 

Composer: Pallavi Sesha Aiyyar 

Talam: Eka

Sai baba Sharanam 

Ragam:  Hamsanandi 

Composer: Ghatam karthik 

Talam: Adi

This song describe the qualities of shirdi sai baba; He showers one with the love of a mother and eliminates any sufferings. If you place one step towards him he will protect you for many more. 


Ragam: Revathi 

Composer:  Lalgudi Jayaraman 

Talam: Misra Chapu

 have been waiting (kAttirundEn) all my life (kAlam ellAm) just to behold (kANa) the beautiful/handsome (kOla) murugan, but I am not sure (EnO) if it is artful pretence (jAlamO) on his part, or the consequence of my own karmA (kAlamO) that has made the spear-weilding Lord (vElanO) to have forgotten (marandAn) me (enai).


Composer:  Illanthai Ramaswamy 

Ragam:  Showrastram 

This mangalam was written as a dedication to my guru and her late mother. It describes the beauty of music and languages it involves. 

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