Josep Martí

Researcher at the department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Institució Milà i Fontanals - CSIC

C/ Egipcíaques, 15 08001-Barcelona

Most important subjects of research: new social meanings of intangible cultural heritage, collective identities and culture (ethnicity, multiculturalism), anthropology of beliefs, anthropology of the body and expressive culture, especially music. Being well aware of the need to enhance reflection on what it means to practice anthropology today, I have an interest in exploring the epistemological potential of new theoretical posthumanist approaches by applying their conceptual schemes to anthropology.

Most recent publications:

2020 “カタルーニャの人間の塔における身体、感情、つながり” (Bodies, Emotion and Sociability in Catalan Human Towers), Waseda. Journal of Human Sciences 33/1 sup. 2020, pp. 47-59, Translated by Hiroko Takenaka.

2019 “Beyond representation: Relationality and affect in musical practices”, Journal of Posthuman Studies, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 159-180

2019 "Sons i revolta a l’escenari polític català", Quaderns-e, 23/2, pp. 80-98

2019 ”Vegetals versus humans. O altres maneres d’entendre’s amb un enciam”, in M. Martínez Moran (ed.), Bodies_perception_design, Barcelona: BAU, pp. 33-54

2018 “Spirits that heal. The world of the spirits in today’s Equatorial Guinea”, Shaman 26/1-2, pp. 51-69