concert band

4th per. concert band


Band II

Band II is for students with at least one full year of band experience immediately prior to enrollment (If a student took band in elementary school, but skipped a year before joining band in middle school, then they should sign up for Band I, not Band II). There are two levels of Band II, Concert Band and Symphonic Band. 7th graders who qualify for Band II will be placed in Concert Band. 8th graders who qualify for Band II will be placed in either Concert Band or Symphonic Band based on their skill level, instrumentation needs of each group, and musical leadership skills. Both classes are for serious music students who want to develop superior musicianship skills on a band instrument. Practice at home is required, quarterly evening concerts are graded, and various weekend performance field trips are highly encouraged.  Note: Parent help and transportation for field trips is needed.  Parent request and teacher approval needed.

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