Joonha Park PhD (パク ジュナ)

Professor (Non-tenured)

Graduate School of Management, NUCB, Nagoya, Japan

Journal Associate Editor (편집위원)

Personality and Individual Differences

Social Psychological Bulletin

한국성격사회심리학회지 (Korean Journal of Personality and Social Psychology)

E-mail: joonha35[at]gmail[dot]com


I am a social and cultural psychologist based in Japan. I was born in Adelaide, Australia, and spent most of my childhood in Gwangju, S. Korea until I moved to Seoul for undergraduate study at Korea University. I received my Ph.D. degree in social and cultural psychology at the University of Melbourne. Before joining NUCB Graduate School, I worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo. My growing network for international collaborations support my cross-cultural investigation of psychology.

Research keywords. Psychological well-being, moral values in crisis, multiculturalism and acculturation, dehumanization, environmental psychology

Teaching subjects. Social psychology, cultural psychology, interpersonal relations, organizational psychology



【自己紹介】パクジュナ(Joonha Park, 박준하)。専門は社会・文化心理学。オーストラリア・アデレード生まれ、韓国・光州育ち。ソウルの高麗大学校を卒業し、メルボルン大学で社会・文化心理学を専門として博士号を取得しました。東京大学の研究員を経て、現在は名古屋商科大学で教鞭をとっています(名古屋商科大学大学院教授、任期付き)。海外の研究者との間でネットワークを築きながら、これまで主に心理学における文化間比較の研究を行ってきています。






  • Values in COVID-19 crisis

  • Beliefs, understandings, and experiences about multiculturalism in Japanese society: Research focusing on both host and minority groups (Grant application under review) [Research Homepage]

  • Cross-cultural investigation of diversity in supports for postnatal childcare and the impact on well-being [FJIR(B), PI: Yuko Yato]
    「女性の産後育児支援の多様性及び母子のwell-beingへの影響の日中韓比較研究」(国際共同研究加速基金 国際共同研究強化B (2021~2025)、代表者:矢藤優子)