Jing Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Michigan

Email: juw@umich.edu


2666 G. G. Brown Building

2350 Hayward St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125



Jing's Ph.D. dissertation work on slippery viscoelastic solid repellent coating for global sanitation has been published in Nature Sustainability. The work has also been featured worldwide in many prominent international media. See for example: BBC, BBC Radio 5 (1:55:00), The Economist (17:07), CBC Radio, The Guardian, The Times, Scientific American, NPR, Fast Company, the Verge, Le Monde, Daily Mail, XinHua, Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, C|NET, BYU Radio: Top of Mind (37:40), and more.


Our team won big in the Rice Business Plan Competition! Our team, spotLESS Materials, has won the 3rd place out of >300 competing teams, and have received over $360k investment prize from the competition. Proud to be in a great team! See Penn State news.


Our work on the use of slippery rough surface for water harvesting has been featured by Nature Materials. Please check it out here.


Jing Wang joined University of Michigan as a postdoc fellow in Prof. Neil Dasgupta's group, co-advised by Prof. Anish Tuteja.


Our work on liquid membranes as unusual particle filters is now published on Science Advances and is featured in Science!


Jing Wang successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Committee chair: Prof. Tak Sing Wong; Committee members: Prof. Donghai Wang, Prof. Pak Kin Wong, and Prof. Seong H. Kim.

3.30.2018 - 4.22.2018

Our work on directional slippery rough surfaces has been published in Science Advances!


Our work on synthetic brochosomes has been published in Nature Communications!


Our team, Jing Wang, Birgitt Boschitsch, Nan Sun, and Tak Sing Wong have been selected as MRS iMatSci Innovators!

3.29.2016 - 4.5.2016

Our work on X-SLIPS has been featured in Chemistry in Pictures by Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) and Gizmodo!! Please check it out!


Our work on a cross-species bioinspired thermal repairable slippery coating (X-SLIPS) has been published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!


Jing and Birgitt have won the 3rd place in the PPG Industries Research Pitch Competition!!