Group Coaching

Group coaching allows small groups of women to come together with a common theme and goal in mind.

Together, we can achieve more than any of us can achieve on our own. In groups, we recognize that we have similar issues as foreign women in Japan, and collectively we have more than enough resources to rise to the challenge and to learn through these challenges.

A typical group coaching involves from 4 to 8 people. People can be from very different backgrounds, knowledge, and experience, but what is certain is that everyone can learn something from other people, and with the guidance of your coach, you will be much closer to your goals than when you walked into the room. An added bonus for many is the deep bonding that can occur when we share our resources to help everyone to achieve their goals.

Before the group coaching session, you will complete a questionnaire which helps to clarify your own situation, your goals, and what you are bringing to the group.