Couples Coaching

Relationships can be difficult anywhere in the world. When you are in a foreign country or in a cross-cultural relationship, there are naturally more issues to deal with. If you add in the complications of communicating in a foreign language, Mars and Venus don’t even seem to be in the same solar system.

We offer confidential bilingual coaching services (Japanese and English) for couples in Japan. Over the years, we have met a huge number of couples who have experienced problems that are similar to yours.

In some cases, we may suggest that we work separately with one or other partner before coming back together to highlight differences, similarities and growth opportunities in your situation.

No relationship is ever static. We are always either growing towards each other or growing apart. Couples coaching offers an opportunity to reevaluate your own values and the values that are shared by your partner. When we truly begin to accept and listen to the other in a relationship, we can begin to be move forward in life in the most appropriate way.

As coaches and counsellors, our job is to provide the space and the tools to translate between differences and move towards the goals that will help both partners to have a better future.