Jeff Glade

Consultant | Presenter | Facilitator

Welcome! My name is Jeff Glade, and I am a Digital Learning Consultant with an educational agency, where I serve numerous districts in central Iowa, working with staff to improve and expand their instructional practices while authentically leveraging technology. I am passionate about working with educators at all levels to enhance equity, inclusion, and representation for all students. 

My current interests have focused on instruction of literacy skills beyond traditional texts, to include new texts such as podcasts, video, and visual mediums.  For now, this site will serve as a repository for resources and ideas I have developed to support work with implementing podcasts into classrooms at all levels and other technology integration ideas and examples. 

Please feel free to reach out and connect with me!  I'd love to support your work and collaborate with you!

- Jeff

Twitter: @GladeJeff

Instagram: @jeffgladeedu

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