Javed Akhter Mondal

Prime Minister's Research Fellow

I am a fourth year PhD scholar working in the Quantum Measurement group of IIT Kanpur under the supervision of Dr. Saikat Ghosh.  Currently, I am investigating various non-equilibrium steady states in a classical nano-electromechanical resonator system (NEMS) consists of graphene and SiNx membrane. For example, this simple NEMS system shows various discrete time-crystalline phases beyond subharmonic entrainment with a rich phase diagram, that rivals the complexity of time crystals to that of space crystals.  We have also observed that using intriguing properties of low-frequency modulation, this graphene-based NEMS can be operated as both a heat engine and refrigerator due to the frequency tunability of suspended graphene membranes via strain tuning. Recently, we have also observed that for certain scenario of low-frequency modulation, system transits into chaotic regime. Chaotic behaviors describe a large variety of involved interactions, from characterizing the evolution of cosmic entities to interpreting the unpredictability of weather. Also, due to their versatility and their large, tunable nonlinearity, NEMSs are prime candidates for chaos studies and applications (such as random number generator).  To know more about me, click here. Contact details are here. Details of my research work can be found here.